January 2015

8 New Year Resolutions by FredCampos.com

Eight New Year’s Resolutions

Two weeks ago I challenged you to set a low bar on your Reachable New Year's Resolutions. That post upset a few in my family that obviously took me too seriously. So on a serious note, assuming I can be serious for a moment, here are my real eight New Year's Resolutions. Enjoy! PS. If you have fail, just start over. Any day can be your New Year resolution starting point.

Can't Remember EverNote to the Rescue by http://FredCampos.com

Can’t Remember, Evernote to the Rescue

[Y]esterday, we talked about making Reachable New Year's Resolutions. Today I want to recommend an outstanding free tool that helps an absent minded, can't remember, A.D.D. geeky guy like me, stay the course. I am a former Franklin Planner, list [...]

Reachable New Year Resolutions by http://FredCampos.com

Reachable New Year’s Resolutions

In 1995, I was 25 years old and I made 25 New Year's Resolutions and completed 23 of them. It was an amazing year from which I read the Bible everyday, went to bed at midnight and up at 6a, doubled my income, and didn't watch one hour of television. It was truly a life changing year of singleness and no responsibilities. 20 years later, I am fat and happily married with children. Therefore I am more in touch about making REACHABLE New Year's resolutions. I want to encourage and educate you to set the bar much lower in order to achieve more.