here are literally hundreds of online note taking programs and sites. One of the best I have found is Evernote.com. I use this online service to track notes I take about nearly everything and anything. I use this resource to record, church notes, book notes, ideas, concepts, basically anything. I even take my @Fred24Live feeds into notes so that I can search on anything I have done online.

I know what your thinking… “This is simply crazy or way to geeky for me.” I agree, but the resource available to pull and research your history is incredible. As a sample of the diary I place inside my Evernote, below is a sample of today’s daily entries…

8a Having breakfast with my kids. They are learning all the countries and capitals of Central and South America. Welcome to my world.

10a Ready to worship with my family! (@Fellowship Church Grapevine w/ 6 others) http://4sq.com/ofW9Go

11a Church wad SO good. I say it every week… I do not know how people go through life without attending weekly Bible teaching church?

12p FunCity Social Media News is out! http://bit.ly/dLU8Y7

1p Took a great nap. I wonder why Sundays are the only day for naps? Ben Franklin took one every day–sounds like a good plan.

2p Cleaning house for hometeam Bible study tonight. Part 6 in our study of “Bout with Doubt” by @EdYoung.

3p Caitlyn and I just re-watch @BethanyHamliton on Fellowship Church’s page. She was great last week. http://ow.ly/6eXVt

7p Hometeam was fantastic! Now starting the evening routines.

7:30p Returning the movie, “The Tourist” to the Redbox. (@ Walgreens) http://4sq.com/ndxUg5

8p Kids are down, comparing notes and schedules with @SuperParentMom. Our traditional evening routine.

9p I’m up to chapter 6 of Walter Isaacson’s book “Einstein: His Life and Universe”. I am finding it quite fascinating.

10p Working and studying Evernote.com as a way to write down and capture ideas.

11p Reviewing my notes from “The Wow Factor” by Frances Cole Jones, pushing them into Evernote.com

How do you use Evernote.com? Do you take any personal notes or keep journals?


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all me cool or call me cruel, but this summer my kids activities include them blogging.  That’s right, they don’t get to sit around all summer and do nothing.  Nope, they have scheduled computer time which includes 20 minutes of WordSmart, 20 minutes of typing, 20 minutes of Khan Academy and you guessed it, 20 minutes of blogging.

Check out they WordPress blogs both kids have put together (with a little coaching from me of course).

Caitlyn’s blog…. http://FredCampos.com/caitlyn

Zachary’s blog… http://FredCampos.com/zachary

What do you think, cruel or cool?

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