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The Campos Family iPhone Contract with Caitlyn Campos

by Fred Campos · 10 comments

in iPhone, Parenting Tips

Caitlyn Campos with New iPhone, Parenting Phone Contract

Yesterday I started the year by giving you my goals, from which I ended with the “1 Empowered Family.” Today I want to empower my daughter with her new iPhone she got for Christmas. As expected, I have a few rules and expectations.

The Campos Family iPhone Contract with Caitlyn Campos

This is a parental contract between The Campos Family, hereby referred to as “Daddy”, and our lovely 13 year old daughter, Caitlyn Campos, hereby referred to as “Caitlyn.” Each item listed below will need to be initialed and signed on paper and affirmed as “I do hereby agree.” on this blog as the first comment in the comment section. This contract may be modified from time to time and reflects the rules as they pertain to your age, trust level, and responsibility reflected on 01/01/2013. Daddy is not trying to be a kill joy to Caitlyn, but rather guiding and parenting her to use this traceable piece of technology appropriately to become “healthy, wealthy, and wise” which is his ongoing parental goal for Caitlyn.

1. Despite popular believe, having a phone in the Campos Family is a privilege and not a right. Many Americans, including your Daddy, did not have one growing up and turned out just fine. Privileges can be taken away and repeated offenses could lead to starting college, like your Daddy, without one.

2. It’s cute, it’s decorative, it’s loaded with your email, your music, and your app selections; but it solely owned by your Daddy and on loan to you. We must treat borrowed things with slightly more care than we do our own. Like library books, there can be fines and penalties for improper use.

3. With no apologies, you were born into a Christian home, with a technology wizard, social media guru, code cracking, big-brother tracing Daddy, who is also running in local politics. NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING you SAY on your iPhone, TEXT with your iPhone, EMAIL with your iPhone, CHECKIN with your iPhone, take PICTURES with your iPhone, PLAY on your iPhone, SEARCH with your iPhone, even VISIT with your iPhone is private. You must assume that Daddy is tracking, reading, viewing, scanning, EVERYTHING. After all it’s his property, re-read Rule #2. As such, you must talk, write, post, photograph, text, tweet, and “Like” as if Ed Young, your Fellowship Church pastor, Dr. Gene Buinger, your H.E.B. Superintendent, and your Daddy’s friend, Dave Lieber, writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, are all reading it.

4. To further spell out, there is to be no cussing, no scheming, no gossiping, no cheating, no belittling, no harassing, no sexting, no searching, talking or viewing of inappropriate content that you would not show to your 2 YO brother Daniel, or have repeated from the Fellowship Church pulpit. YOU and YOU alone are libel for all content on your phone, regardless of what it is, or who it’s from. Your last name is CAMPOS. It carries no hyphen, and represents your words, your political Daddy, and that of your families. You are a Christ follower, and an ambassador for Christianity. It is recommended you choose wisely to whom you communicate with and further recommend that all communication stay positive and edifying. You may be the only Jesus people see. Think before pressing send. Nothing is private.

5. The phone is not to be used during school hours and according to the Harwood Junior High rules, not to be seen from 8:15a – 3:00p. You will be given 30 mins to use the phone once you get home, but then not again until the clarinet has been played and homework has been completed and spot checked by a parent.

6. The phone will be collected by Daddy each night one hour before bedtime and returned after you are completely ready to walk out the door for school. It is recommended you keep your phone passcode locked and confidential. However all codes must be shared with Daddy same day or penalties in Rule #11 apply.

7. Amazon Prime has been installed on your iPhone for use in the Campos Family home. It currently has PG-7 restriction, and you may ask permission and allowed codes on case by case bases for other movies or shows. All music and apps must have parental approval before being added to your iPhone. This also goes for Contacts and eMails. Any new additions must have Daddy approval.

8. There are three simple, but weekly ongoing fees, required for continued phone usage: 1) you must post a blog at least once a week, 2) you must resolve any failing homework or test within 48 hours bring it back up to passing—no zeros allowed, and 3) you must maintain a consistent passing six week grade in all classes at all times. Loss or absence in any of these areas will result in loss of phone for a week and/or until grades return to passing as it pertains to Rule #8.

9. Your cell phone provided by your mom, previously confiscated for “inappropriate texting,” will be returned for you to call her on January 9th. It will be returned permanently to her home on your January 19th visit. Daddy doesn’t ever want to see it again, not at our house, nor at school. Starting Wednesday, January 16th you will call your mom weekly on your new iPhone.

10. In an effort to aid effective communication, you may text your mom specific information regarding school activities, if needed, between the court appointed weekly phone calls of 6p-7p on Wednesdays.

11. Finally, as verbally outlined before and now outlined in writing, breaking any of these rules will result in the loss of phone and usage for a minimum of four weeks or longer based on the circumstance. Keep in mind this has happened three times prior in trial with your mom’s phone, so learn from your mistakes, communicate effectively, edify and encourage powerfully.

Signed: The empowered, awesome 13 YO blended teenager, Caitlyn.
Signed: The all-knowing, monitoring, caring, loving, Daddy.

Parents, what do you think–too structured? Kids, what do you think, am I being fair?

Fred Campos is speaker to many, father of three great world changes, works for two incredible businesses and husband to one unbelievable wife! Please take a moment and subscribe to this blog.

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{ 7 comments… read them below or add one }

Caitlyn January 2, 2013 at 3:26 pm

Hey Embarrassing Father,
I agree to all the rules and standards to my phone contract. Gosh, think you have a ton of sociable choices, tagged options and etc?? You almost over do everything dad. Its cool and everything but then you tell everybody on the planet about it. It goes from being cool and awesome to plain out embarrassing. I still disapprove of you posting this but a little too late. So any more rules I should know about before I go to school tomorrow?? Am I allowed to take my phone to school tomorrow??
Love ur only,
Teenager Caitlyn


Fred Campos / @FredCamposJr January 2, 2013 at 3:39 pm

My Dearest Daughter,
Of course you can take your phone to school. Just abide by the rules and that of your school. Embarrassing you is part of my job. You’ll understand some day when you are a parent.
Love you’re overly involved and caring,


Steph January 2, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Ok, Really?!? (said with my typical Steph attitude you know so well) I am going to go with yes, that is a bit excessive and overly structured, HOWEVER I have no doubt your lovely Caitlyn will abide by every rule you have stated because she has waited and tweeted constantly about wanting the new phone. She is a good girl and will make her ever embarrassing father extremely proud! :)


Fred Campos / @FredCamposJr January 3, 2013 at 8:31 am

You may be right. However, when it comes to parenting, I’d rather tip the scales on being slightly overly structured than not. She’s my only daughter, and I guard her as only a parent would. Something you completely understand, I know. She makes me proud each and every day! I love her dearly. :)


CarlosHidalgo January 13, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Hi Mr. Campos! This recent post of Caitlyn’s rules for her cell phone has really made me feel bad about our whole situation with the “inappropriate texting” and i wanted to apologize publicly for that. I’m sorry for everything i did and i PROMISE it will NEVER happen again. i hope you consider my apology and accept it. Thank you. Reply soon! :)


Fred Campos January 13, 2013 at 11:35 pm


you’re a good kid and I appreciate the apology. Caitlyn got her phone back, so let’s keep things on the up and up. Good appropriate, edifying communication at appropriate times is all I ask. Be constructive and purposeful. Remember parents are monitoring from time to time. :)

Mr. Campos


CarlosHidalgo January 14, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Mr. Campos,

Thank you for the compliment, and i promise that i will try my best to be on your good side from now on. I promise to communicate with your daughter respectfully and appropriately. I am aware that now i am under my parents radar and i will gain back their trust and grow a new relationship with you along with making it up to Caityln for her having her phone taken away (respectfully, of course). Thanks for talking! :)


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