I was Student of the Month!!

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Caitlyn Campos is Harwood Jr. High's Student of the Month http://FredCampos.com/caitlyn

Hey everybody!!

I was the “Student of the Month” at Harwood Jr. High!!!!! I can’t believe it. Well I guess I can because all my friends said its about time that you got picked. I had to laugh at that because they know how hard I work to have the grades I have. But its funny because they all expected me to be “Student of the Month” the middle of last year. That didn’t happen but I feel lucky and grateful because we only have 8 or 9 months of school so not that many kids get picked throughout the school year. Also out of all the students in my grade, I got picked. Ok, I sound like the rich girl in most movies, where shes bragging or rubbing it in to all of her friends’ faces that she got it and they didn’t. I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound like that, but I’m still in shock.

At school over the holidays/Christmas break my principal and staff bought five new TV/monitors for around the school to do the announcements and post important information/reminders, so they put up all the “Students of the Month’s” pictures and the “Teacher of the Year’s” picture last month. So throughout that whole day, my classmates and other students of Harwood, kept coming up to me saying “Congratulations!” I was kinda a celebrity at school last month. It was kinda embarrassing, different, and strange because some of the students who say that too me, I didn’t even know them. I was kinda being noticed outside of my group of friends.

Well here’s the story. My History teacher, Mrs. DeSanto, had written a positive referral about me and had sent it to Principal, Dr. Givens. So on December 11th I think, I was requested to go see him. He acted like I was in trouble then told me I had gotten a positive referral from Mrs. DeSanto. (Positive referral are very very rare. Also Mrs. DeSanto normally only sends six of positive referral a year and they are normally close to the very end of the school year.) I promise you, I almost had a heart attack. Then a week later on December 19th, I was called again to go see the principal in the middle of my history quiz. Mrs. DeSanto had nominated me to be the “Student of the Month” and I had been picked. So I got a certificate to prove it. I was worried that I was in trouble twice from the same teacher. I was soo touched that she thought that about me. Now I work even harder in her class.


Teenager Cece

Have you ever been called to the principal’s office? Have you ever won anything? How did it make you feel? Were you surprised?

Caitlyn Campos is a blended teen who shares about two family life, Christianity, and what it’s like to be a 21st century teen.

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CarlosHidalgo February 13, 2013 at 5:21 pm

nice job!!!! this award has been a long time coming for you and you deserved it!!! Congrats!


Caitlyn February 15, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Thanks. Oh hush. See this is exactly what I meant by what my friends said to me. Thanks again. I bet you might get it before we leave Harwood.
Teenager Cece


carloshidalgo February 15, 2013 at 4:49 pm

Sorry lol. Thanks, I’m just waiting for the administration to actually notice me. 😉


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