Pros & Cons of Having a Dad Running for HEB School Board Place 1

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Please Don't vote for my Daddy, Fred Campos

Hi everyone. I’m back. Today is kinda important day because I will be telling you all the reasons why I’m against my dad running for school board. Vote for Alicia for HEB School Board Place 1. (She’s my dad’s competition.) Now let’s begin.

The Pros:
1. I might be able to go to the Trinity High School’s football games to see the band (My future).
2. I am sure we’ll get invited to see more plays (also at THS).
3. I’ll get to tag along at the activities at Meadow Creek Elementary (my old school).
4. I’ll get to know about important information before everybody else.
5. Possibly might be able to make a good impression on my high school principals and staff members.

I have to admit that all of these are really good reasons but they don’t exactly outnumber my cons. So, Dad I know you are reading. These are why I’m against you.

The Cons:
1. You’ve met my high school principals. That’s NOT cool! You’ve even had lunch with my former and existing superintendents. It’s cool in Elementary, then it’s awkward in Junior High, but High School is way, WAY too far.

2. The time dad, the time… You’ll barely ever be home to spend time with ummm, us kids. I have only 4 years left at home. The fact that your not even gonna be home more isn’t ok with me. Then again, as much as I love you NOT being home… You’ll miss all the most precious memories. Yea, that’s it. 4 more years dad, that’s all I have left.

3. You will be even MORE involved with MY school life. More than I’m ok with you having It’s already weird that you know ALL of my friends and are following (stalking) them on Instagram. Why can’t you (dad) be like normal (tuned out) parents (dads)?? Because normal dads aren’t that weird. Also stop talking, coaching, counseling, and giving my friends ideas!!! Not cool!!!

4. You will have more access to be best friends with all of my teachers. Which is just WEIRD!!! Be normal please?? I beg you!

5. You will have to go to all those boring/lame board meeting, while mom and I need YOU at home. Yea, yea. Or I am sure they will schedule a meeting during an event that I am SURE you’ll have to miss because of the meeting. I am sure I’ll need help with some kind of homework that ONLY you could help me with. You need to stay home EVERY night just in case. *hint, hint*

6. I don’t want to be known as the girl who’s father is on the school board. I know this is so teenager speaking but do you have ANY idea how this might affect MY reputation?? I love you dad but seriously NOT cool. Especially since I’m about to be a freshman.

7. Finally, I never thought I would have to tell you this, but this will affect your “cool dad” reputation with my friends. Cause cool dad’s don’t become politicians. (Unless you’re President, but sadly that’s not what your running for, so yeah.)

8. I love you dearly! But this is going to affect our family relationship a little, I mean, a lot. Why now? Why not after we all graduate? Or at least after I go to college. Just wondering.

Ok, these are all I have right now. But I’m just 14. I still have 2 weeks to come up with more. I love you dad but Vote for Alicia Probasco!


Teenage Caitlyn/Bestie

What do you do when your parents are overly involved in your life? What would you do if your dad was going to destroy your cool status? How can I convince my dad to be less involved in my school stuff?

Caitlyn Campos is a blended teen who shares about a two-family life, Christianity, and what it’s like to be a 21st century teen.

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Daddy April 27, 2013 at 12:33 pm

My Dearest Daughter,

Alas, you are not endorsing me? You’re grounded. Just kidding, I think.

Going for “cool” status is not really my objective. I love you, your brothers and all of your friends too much not to be an involved dad and parent. One of my goals in life is to get more parents and our community even more involved in education. It is important to have parent involvement-especially dads.

I know you believe your life would be better with absentee parent involvement, the supposed “normal.” My mission is to change that thought process to the new normal of “overly involved parents.”

I am not alone in this thinking. Both Alicia and Julie (there are actually two running candidates in my race), are very involved parents too. They would agree and support my supposed “overly” involvement in yours and your brothers lives. Trust me, they are both excellent ladies who too are “overly” involved with their kids too. :)


Your Not Gonna Stop Being the Best Daddy I Can Be & Continuing to Involving Myself with Your Schools, Teachers & Administration!


PS. Tell your friends NOT to vote for me on May 11th, and NOT visit… to learn more about me. :p


Caitlyn August 22, 2013 at 10:41 am

Hi Dad.
Ok you can stop lecturing me anytime soon. I know that you won’t stop being INVOLVED in my SCHOOL LIFE!!!! So just so you know that your point got across. I understand even though at times I hate it and love it. Thanks I guess. It will be a while before we are back to normal status. But until then you can keep trying to get me to laugh. Lol. I love you nerd/technology father of mine.
Love your only,
Teenager Cece


Steph April 28, 2013 at 12:37 am


Love, Love, LOVE your pro /con list.. Reminds me so much of one I made for your dad not to terribly long ago.. My con list was much longer and more profound than my pro list as well. No worries, you are not alone, he shot down most of my con list too. -.-
Keep your chin up, there are worse things than having a father that loves you so much that he wants the very best for you and wants to be a part of every aspect of your life. He can never truly lose his ‘cool dad’ status because he is always there for you. You make him a cool dad.
And take it from me as I have TONS of personal experience in this area, having a close family member involved in politics isn’t all bad. There are a great many benefits you haven’t even discovered yet. Perhaps one day, when he wins this, you and I will have a heart to heart on the very cool things that can happen when someone you love is involved in the political world. :)



Caitlyn August 22, 2013 at 10:47 am

Hey Steph!!!
I look forward to that talk, because if I know my father he will win when I’m in high school. That’s gonna be interesting and a huge disaster. But I don’t know exactly which one it will be for a while. I bet you have experienced more than I have. But one day I will be kinda like you in that area. Probably not the exact same experiences but enough experience and wisdom to understand and have a different perspective. True on the whole “cool dad” status. I know but it is sometimes its a bad thing. But until that talk of ours.
Teenager Cece


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