My 14th Birthday Week

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I spent a week celebrating my 14th birthday. Its become a tradition but it didn’t feel like it always in the previous years. it may be because I’m getting older and have a more busy schedule then I’ve had in the last few years. idk.

The tradition is that everyday for a week you receive a present every morning until you actual birthday. That wasn’t the case for me this year. Cuz my presents are getting more expensive than they were in previous years. I got Cookie Monster PJ’s from my baby brother Daniel, Words with Friends (the board game) from Zachary, a shopping spree from my grandparents (The Campos’), money to go shopping from my other grandparents (The Jones’), an adorable layering top from my mom, my guitar finally fixed, a starter photography DVD/book set, art supplies, books, necklaces, from my dad and a guitar stand from my bestie. Finally, in a way a trip to San Antonio to see my great-grandparents and a weekend at Sea World!

Caitlyn Campos' 14th Birthday Week
Caitlyn with Cookie Monster

I found out Sesame Street has taken over Sea World kinda. I got to meet Cookie Monster!!! Omg!!!! I was soo excited!! I even got the pictures to prove it. I had a blast! We used up our phone batteries like crazy. I’m really glad we got go to San Antonio because I haven’t seen my great grandparents in sooooo long. Really its been about three years. My birthday was on Easter this year. It happens every 4 to 5 years. I think the first time it happened was when I was 4 and I accepted Christ into my life that night. So it was like a double birthday for me. I’m 10 Spiritually, but 14 years old.



How do you celebrate your birthday? When did you accept Christ? What did you do for Easter?

Caitlyn Campos is a blended teen who shares about a two-family life, Christianity, and what it’s like to be a 21st century teen.

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Carlos Hidalgo April 14, 2013 at 10:13 pm

Sounds like an amazing birth-week that u had. I hope u liked the guitar stand
Carlos “Sidekick” Hidalgo


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