The Mix at Fellowship Church & What It Means to Me

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Why Caitlyn Campos Likes The Mix at Fellowship Church

The Mix is unbelievable. It’s sooo much fun, especially when I bring my best friends that are closest to me and really need to come with me to church. My Youth Pastor is soo funny, creative, smart, sneaky in a clever way, and totally understanding. Our Youth Pastors teach from the Bible and we learn in series that are based on topics. I have to be honest, we have done great ones so it is hard to name a favorite. Some of the ones that have stuck out for me: Singled Out, Three Words & Eight Letters, & House Party. Our current series is “BluePrint”. At The Mix, I feel like we are all in one group/nation when I’m there.

I love going because it really helps me finish my week out strong and feel refreshed and know that I’m never alone. I always have someone watching over me that loves me no matter how many times I mess up or what my mess ups are. It’s a great feeling knowing that I can go anywhere and know that Jesus Christ is following/with me.

The Mix especially helps me because I go back and forth, so I call my Mom’s side every Wednesday before I go to The Mix. If I’m told upsetting news, it always helps cheer me up knowing that I don’t need to understand everything because I put my trust in God and know He will guide me down the right path. I love the fact that I can show up all moody and bring all my problems with me, but I have an hour and half that I forget all about reality and bring back my focus on Christ. I leave The Mix feeling like I’m free from all that is happening in my life. I always leave feeling God guiding me and telling me to let Him take care of the problems that I don’t understand. I’m reminded of the power of God’s grace, love, trust, and forgiveness. I feel like I have someone to lean on when I start to lose my balance.

I know that I personally need help showing my God’s Team shirt more often when I’m out at school and basically my everyday life. But a little bit here and there will help me grow and shows that I’m a Christian and I’m proud of it! I would like to grow my relationship with God more cause I still have questions. I want Him to use me to spread His Word and bring more people to Him because everybody deserves to make a well informed decision on who Christ is.

Have you made a faith decision to be on “God’s Team”? What is your youth group like? Where is your special place to bring your problems?

Caitlyn Campos is a blended teen who shares about a two-family life, Christianity, and what it’s like to be a 21st century teen.

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