About Me

Pic of Caitlyn Campos
Hello world, It’s me, Caitlyn.

I have many nicknames from my friends and family: Katniss,Elena, Lexie, Izzy, Cece, Coke Cola, Tori, Dovepaw, Dovewing, Squirrel, Squirrelpaw, Squirrelflight, Bella, Jasmine, Belle, JayJay, Lily, Alex, Selena, Lena, Cat, Catalina, Caitlyn, Katie, Secret, KitKat, Bookworm, and Booklady or Bookreader. Because I always have a book with me and I’m always reading it too.

My favorite books are: The Harry Potter Series,  Warriors, The 39 Clues, The Hunger Games, The Match Triology, a little of Nancy Drew, Biographies, and last but not least all the bluebonnet books or the lonestar books too.

My favorite colors are: lime green,red, black, hot pink ,neon purple, brown, neon orange, and last but not least neon blue and yellow!!!!!!!

My favorite things to do are: reading, hanging out with my friends, going to church, writing, drawing, coloring, texting, watching movies with the family, or playing card games with dad and Zachary or beating them at a chess game, dancing, playing the clarinet, singing, going to the library, having quality time with my family, playing soccer, making new friends, bring friends to church, playing/ possibly babysitting my little brother Daniel, researching or anything with history, listening to the radio, writing music or getting new music to play on the clarinet, being more athletic, playing on my phone, achieving my goals, follow the rules (little bit of a favorite), listening to my ipod/phone, band, being on the computer, talking on the phone, running, playing on my apps and trying new things.

I love spending time with my awesome grandparents because you never know what your going to do with them each time you get to see them? It’s always a mystery. Plus when your with them you don’t really have to worry about homework, school, drama. You can kinda forget everything and enjoy spending time with them. I love how calm and relax I am when I’m around them. I know I can always go to them for or with anything. I trust and love them soo much. I know I don’t get to see them a lot but everytime I do I treasure the moments and time we have together. Especially now that one of my sets of grandparents are moving to North Carolina!!!!!! So far away.

I love relaxing by playing with my smallest baby brother, Daniel. He’s so small, funny, adorable, and a very fast crawlerI have ever seen!! He is almost walking and talking. He is growing up so fast that I can hardly believe it. He now is walking and talking more. he is now Mr. Independent. Its so cute and hilarious. He can finally sign I love you and say my name correctly. Even though sometimes he calls me mom or cece. I love all the time I get to spend with him. he keeps getting cuter every single day.

I love Hello Kitty and The Cookie Monster!! Because Cookie Monster eats all the cookies and he’s a freindly and harmless monster. Daniel has kinda gotten into Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. So I’m really excited. Hello Kitty is just soooo cute and loveable. I know some people think its kinda weird for a thirteen year old to be as obsessed with Hello Kitty as I am but its really not. She’s a small, cute, little kitten. Who doesn’t love little cute kittens??

Me being a teenager its hard. I know. Because we don’t really know who we truely are. I should know. I’m trying to find my true self right now. Its soooo tempting and easy to just follow the culture’s kool-aid but thats not what I want. I want to be different and stand out. Make a difference in peoples lives but its extremely hard to stay loyal and stand up for what you believe in. Because people will make fun of you, bully you, be rude to you or just ignore you. With me being a social butterfly I don’t like to be bullied or ignored. Luckily I havent been bullied so far but I hear stories about people being bullied and its a serious problem in today’s culture. I want to do the things that I love, be with friends and just be me. I don’t want to be like everybody else. I want to be ME and only me. I don’t care what people think of me. Its easier said then done but I’m heading down the right path.

I love hanging out with my friends. Because I have some pretty awesome, amazing, popular in my eyes best friends. We talk, gossip, sing, write, challenge, play games, study, encourage each other to do what we love, help each other, volunteer, play on sports teams, participate in the band or choir, go to clubs together, text each other, talk on the phone every now and then, go to each others houses, and we create things that not most teens do with their friends. My best friends know everything their is to know about me. They have seen me at both my houses and know my secrets, crushes, talents, dreams, goals, rules, and my embarrassing family members (at times they are embarrassing in front of my closest friends). My friends know how to read me like I’m some sort of code. Its both cool and creepy at the same time. But it comes in handy a lot. Like when somethings bothering me they know it, ask me what it is. Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it they back off and give me space.

My school is Harwood Jr. High.

Favorite #’s: 13, 14, 16, 18 and 19.

Harwood Band: Symphonic Band

Instruments I can play: Clarinet, a little Piano and learning Guitar.

Favorite sports: Softball, Baseball, Soccer, and Cross Country.

Favorite Sports Team: The Texas Rangers.

Church, Location: Fellowship Church, Grapevine.

Brothers: Daniel, and Zachary.

Best Friends: Mikayla, Marshall Morgan, Alexus, Jocelyn, Jacinda, Madison, Gabby, Ashley, Lydia, Christina, Maya, Leah, Emma, Carli, Savannah, Scottie, Ethan, Cooper, Josh, Margret, Mitchelle, Arianna, Blake, Mikayla Suttle, Jacob, Scott, Logan, Carlos, Tate, Reggie, Riley, Bryan, Izzy, Kaetlyn, Vanessa, Lydia Martinez, Colton, Vincent, Marshall, Angela, Alicia, Elaine, Ashley Kim, and etc.

Phone: Iphone.

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift, Red album

Apps I have: CameraProFx, Khan, Kindle, Dictionary, Fellowship Church, Vocabology, Find Friends, Instagram, KLTY-FM, Amazon Instant Video,Cut the Rope free, RacePenguin, Bible Trivia, Bible Trivia, Flow,WordSearch, BubbleMania,FruitNinja,Blitz, TicTacToe, Falldown, AngryBirds, Solitaire, Unblock Me, Footstepsfree, Compass, Solitaire Dix, Fashion Star, Home Design, Tap Tap Revolution, Sudoku, Lux Touch, Whiteboard, Game Center, I Say free, Hangman and Chess.

That’s it everybody, if you know all that about me, well lets just say u will be an expert on me!!!  HeHeHe!!!!!!