Pros & Cons of Having a Dad Running for HEB School Board Place 1

April 27, 2013 Family

Hi everyone. I’m back. Today is kinda important day because I will be telling you all the reasons why I’m against my dad running for school board. Vote for Alicia for HEB School Board Place 1. (She’s my dad’s competition.) Now let’s begin. The Pros:1. I might be able to go to the Trinity High […]

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My 14th Birthday Week

April 14, 2013 Family

I spent a week celebrating my 14th birthday. Its become a tradition but it didn’t feel like it always in the previous years. it may be because I’m getting older and have a more busy schedule then I’ve had in the last few years. idk. The tradition is that everyday for a week you receive […]

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Christmas Break

January 2, 2013 Family

Hey everybody!!! Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas!! Happy New Years!!! I had the best holidays so far. I wonder what the rest of break will hold. I’m soooooooooo excited. I want to brag but I’m not like that. I have soo much to tell but I don’t know if I’m gonna say it all. I can’t […]

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What’s New in My Life!!

December 16, 2012 About Me

Caitlyn Campos at HJH Winter Band Concert w/Grandpa Fred & Brother Zachary Hey guys!! Sorry, I haven’t updated my blog lately. I have been soooo busy with school.  I will try to explain. I had my band concert Wednesday night. It was amazing. I had sooo much fun playing for my family. I have had […]

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Fellowship Church Grapevine!!!

August 17, 2011 Church

Hi everyone. I love my church. It is so awesome. It is not like other churches because they make learning about God fun. I have been going to Fellowship since I was a baby. So I have gotten so use to the way they teach us kids about God. It is so worth waking up […]

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Daniel is Walking!!!! Coming Home!!

August 11, 2011 Family

Hi. Guess what? When I came home on Sunday. My dad had told me that Daniel was walking. I couldn’t believe him when he said that. So I didn’t believe him until I saw Daniel walking for myself. He has good balance and wants to be perfect just like my brother, Zachary and my step-mother, […]

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June 15, 2011 Family

My second brother is the second most annoying brother I have ever met because my first brother is the most annoying brother ever. I love him and all but you all know how brothers act like,(annoying, loving, sweet, caring, troublemakers, innocent, smartypants, and the dangerous of them all is tricky or mischievous). Zachary is very smart for […]

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June 2, 2011 Family

Hey everybody, how are you?  I can’t wait till Daniel starts walking. He gets more adorable everyday. I love him so much and I’m going to miss him so much when I go to my mom’s house. I know that a lot of things are going to change over the time I’m gone and I […]

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Harry Potter

May 31, 2011 Family

I just can’t wait till July 15 because that’s when the FINAL Harry Potter movie comes out. I can see it because I have finished the book with my dad. I know what will happen so I’ll try not to ruin it to all of you Harry Potter fans out there who might be reading […]

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