The Mix at Fellowship Church & What It Means to Me

May 7, 2013 Church

The Mix is unbelievable. It’s sooo much fun, especially when I bring my best friends that are closest to me and really need to come with me to church. My Youth Pastor is soo funny, creative, smart, sneaky in a clever way, and totally understanding. Our Youth Pastors teach from the Bible and we learn […]

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Ever Wonder or Get Fascinated About Tragedies in History??

March 30, 2013 Holidays

Hey everybody!!!! Sorry its been a while. I’ve been busy with school, band, and Spring Break. In the last six weeks, I was learning about the Holocaust. It’s a terrible event and time in history, but yet I’m fascinated about all that happened. Not in the way like I would do something like that, but […]

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