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Eight New Year’s Resolutions

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Eight New Year's Resolutions by
Two weeks ago I challenged you to set a low bar on your Reachable New Year’s Resolutions. My post upset a few in my family that obviously take me way too seriously. I don’t think they think I am funny, I think they just think I am a geek.

So on a serious note, assuming I can be serious for a moment, here is my attempt to write down my real eight New Year’s Resolutions. See if you think they are too much, just right, or completely outlandish for an ADD guy like me. Enjoy!

200 Blog Posts, New Year’s Resolution #1

I believe so strongly in the power of blogging and what it does for business and personal, that I have committed to writing at least 200 posts on the many different blogs I manage. My primary focus will of course be this blog. After all I need an outlet for my humor.

100 Days at the Gym, New Year’s Resolution #2

I’ve owned a gym membership for about a decade. There have been years I have done great. And years like last year, where I only went 4 times. I need to go to the gym for more than just exercise. It is place where I get most of my reading done and allows me to think away from the laptop. As a software engineer, geek and web developer, I need to take breaks more often and get away from the coding chair.

50 Read Books, New Year’s Resolution #3

I am an avid reader and believe leaders are readers. Most of my reading is non-fiction and accomplished through library books-on-CD heard in my car or downloaded to my iPhone while I work out. I believe idle time learning is THE major secret to business and personal success. I’m a big fan of Duolingo too.

25 Less Pounds, New Year’s Resolution #4

The most common resolution of nearly everyone—myself included. I weight 202.6 on January 13, 2015, and would like to end the year at 175 pounds. Losing the weight is historically not a problem. Adjusting to a lifestyle of good eating and regular exercise is certainly my challenge.

12 New Websites, New Year’s Resolution #5

Although not my primary focus, software development is, I do own a high end web development company. As the owner, I am committed to helping design at least twelve interesting new websites for clients. We take a few boring ones as well, but I try to stay out of those. hehe

6 Figure Income with More Residual, New Year’s Resolution #6

The past five years I have gone from struggling, to getting by, to succeeding. This year, I want to move into streamlining, duplicating, and thriving. I am constantly reminding myself to not trading time for money.

3 Areas of Influence, New Year’s Resolution #7

Visioned and focused people change lives. Beyond being influential at SOSS or DWD, or coaching my own world changers, it is time to step up and give back to my local community. I can think of no better way to accomplish this than staying involved at my church and serving on the H.E.B. School Board this coming May.

1 Empowered Family, New Year’s Resolution #8

My highest calling starts at home. I have one awesome wife and one unbelievable family. Despite lofty goals, I need more focus on Karen and teaching my children to fine tune their God given purpose. My views on parenting are summed up in this one statement: My job is to raise self-sufficient, God knowing, world changers, who become productive tax payers and contributors to influence a better society.

If you have fail, just start over. Any day can be your New Year resolution starting point. Make some resolutions and change the world, or at least your world!”

So I know I am crazy, that is a given, but if you want to track my progress, hold me accountable and see how well I fail at my resolutions, I have created a page called Goals 2015.

What are some of your “real” New Year resolutions? Do you believe people should make resolutions?

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Fred Campos, is one crazy A.D.D. geeky entrepreneur who writes code in Assembler, sells a few websites by day, and struggles to be one strange red croc wearing parent to his three world changers by night. His best sell job, was when he convinced SuperParentMom to marry him. She is the true secret to his success, and keeps him from eating more than Subway and Ramen noodles. He also blogs about custody and is running for HEB ISD Place 7 in May 2015. Like this post? Make sure you subscribe to this blog to add a little humor to your life.

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