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Can’t Remember, Evernote to the Rescue

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Yesterday, we talked about making Reachable New Year’s Resolutions. Today I want to recommend an outstanding free tool that helps an absent minded, can’t remember, A.D.D. geeky guy like me, stay the course.

Can’t Remember, Evernote to the Rescue

I am a former Franklin Planner, list maker, don’t ask me to do anything unless I have paper and pen in my hand kind of guy. Nothing has really worked for me as it is so hard to keep up with many lists unless you carry a file cabinet with you 24/7.

But alas, there is a solution that is free and works on the one device you probably do carry with you everywhere. Your smart phone! The tool is called Evernote. In a nutshell it is a sticky note and file drawer cabinet that syncs in real time with your iPhone, laptop, iPad and eyes. It allows you to store notes, lists, pictures, videos, audio, pretty much anything digital.”

I was first introduced to Evernote by Michael Hyatt. But it was Renee’, of, that really pushed me to try and utilize it.

Businessmen, Store Your Receipts & Anything You Don’t Want to Forget

I abuse this product and literally cannot live without it. As a businessman, I can record my business miles, shoot and file copies of my business receipts, take pictures of my rent-a-car location at the airport. Record and file meeting notes, books I am reading, blog post ideas, gift giving list, birthdays, even the food I am eating. It is a portal external electronic brain.

Can't Remember, Evernote to the Rescue

But Wait, There’s More

The final touch, to make this the must have tool for any business professional or croc wearing slob like me, is it allows you to share notebooks. What good is a great list making tool, if you cannot empower your wife to make you a “Honey Do List”?

Take my advise and give it a try. I gotta go, my Evernote list is reminding me, I need to get SuperParentMom’s van inspected!

What is your favorite productivity tool?

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