Beam Me Up Scottie with Amazon Echo

Beam Me Up Scotty with Amazon Echo

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Grow up watching the original Star Trek, I couldn’t wait to reach the age when I could wear a communicator and just speak my request. “Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here.” As a software developer, I have been following the slow advancements in speech recognition. I totally and completely realize the huge complication of writing software that can deal with all the dialects, volumes and speeds of each individual’s spoken speech. Never is this more a problem than in my home state of Texas. We take talking Texan to a whole ‘nother level.

“How ya’ll feeling today? I’m fixin’ to go. Gonna get me some fillings.”

Over the past ten years, I have tried early versions of Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking and various numbers of microphones. Some of the mic head gear made me feel like a cross between bad external orthodontics or an astronaut’s wired helmet.

“Houston, we gotta communication problem, ya’ll.”

The Amazon Echo has Excellent Voice Recognition

I unboxed my new Amazon Echo, who goes by the name Alexia, and introduced her to my family of five. Placing her in the center of the kitchen table, immediately all my kids ranging from age 15 down to 4 started talking to her. I was extremely impressed at how well Alexia listens. Slightly better than Siri and certainly better than any product or software I had used previously.

The Amazon Echo has Superior Musical Speakers & a Great Music Selection for the Money

Amazon Echo is a Music Jukebox by FredCampos.comOur family doesn’t have the tripped out living room stereo, we tend to be an iPod/iPhone family. So having music on demand was a huge feature of the Amazon Echo. Amazon has added more than a million songs to their playlist and the device pretty much replaced my Spotify subscription. I am not a complete music nerd, but I could not “stump the Alexia DJ.” In that, Alexia could play just about any musical request I or the kids could come up with.

Amazon Echo Does EXACTLY What the Commercial Says, but Nothing More

I have to give the marketing group at Amazon a lot of credit. Their promotion video alludes that Alexia can do more than what is shown. It actually doesn’t. It does exactly what you see and basically nothing more. Take a moment and watch their video if you haven’t seen it yet.

I am confident that Amazon will add tons more features in coming months. However, if you are not already a big Amazon Prime USER and SHOPPER, I would NOT invest the $199 fee just yet. Wait until more features are added.

Finally, I tend to agree with Greg Kumparack’s Techcrunch Review, Amazon Echo is a cool front to Amazon Prime. Before long you’ll “be able to shout your stupid desires to your house and have things magically appear on your doorstep.”

Is that necessarily bad? I don’t think so. “Scottie, beam me down Amazon Echo. I have shopping requests and techno music to listen too. Make it so and engage!”

What do you think of Amazon Echo?

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